• Imagine the difference between employees who take real pride in a company and those who simply believe they’re doing a job until they find their next position. Steward leaders run a company like they own it, regardless of their rank. Here are some of the characteristics of steward leaders: Steward leaders adopt a “we” perspective […]

    Two recent articles about Google are worth reading. “What Cloud Computing Means To Your Job” appeared in The New York Times business section on November 24. It cites Google, Amazon and Microsoft as companies that are using cloud computing to drive rapid cycle innovation on the web. The common factor, the article states, is that all three […]

    Famous leaders are often praised for their passion, assertiveness, focus and intelligence. However, when CEOs were asked to name the most important quality people desire in their leaders, they gave a surprising answer—humility. There are several reasons humility is such a major influencer in a leader’s ongoing success: Humble leaders take the focus off themselves. […]