• This tool emphasizes the importance of focus and trust in creating high performing teams. The tool describes four types of teams. Using this tool, leaders can assess their teams and quickly see ways to transform them into high performing teams. Teams that feel directed toward achieving a clear goal are happier and more energized, studies […]

    This tool compares the relative value of three different types of professional development. The table below looks at the relative impact of training, coaching, and on-the-job experience in developing an individual’s professional leadership and management skills. Based on research from the Center for Creative Leadership, on-the-job leadership has had a more dramatic impact on an […]

    This tool lays out a step-by-step process for addressing tough business issues. It’s designed to work with any industry and any problem. The best results will usually come by using project teams composed of some people with finely honed intuitions based on experience and others with highly developed analytical skills but too little experience to […]