• It’s easy to fall into a pattern of ineffective leadership without realizing it. You may have picked up bad habits by watching other leaders who came before you. Poor leadership styles can contribute to mistakes and a reduced focus in the short term, as well as a lack of organizational growth and innovation over the […]

    The world’s top performing organizations are dedicated to fueling innovation among employees. Unfortunately, innovation is notoriously difficult for organizations to foster and encourage. Leaders can’t wait around for their employees to create and implement fresh ideas. They also can’t expect innovation to sprout up after a single inspiring speech at a company meeting. Leaders must work […]

    In a fascinating new book published this week, entrepreneur and business consultant Eric Douglas draws on his work with large and small corporations, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations to share a powerful equation: Trust + Spark = Leadership Culture. The equation boils down a simple but profound truth: highly effective leaders focus on building trust and […]